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Insect Allergies

If you have a serious reaction to an insect sting, put your “Allergist Near Me” searches to rest and make an appointment with us to get best treatment from our team.

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Insect Allergies Specialist in Tarentum, PA

An insect allergy refers to when a patient's body develops a reaction due to an insect bite or sting. While some insect allergies are not life-threatening, others are extremely serious. Extreme swelling is always a potential symptom, and a sting may also lead to a systemic reaction if not treated properly.

At Advanced Allergy and Asthma, Dr. Kumar Patel, MD and his team of care professionals are happy to work with you to help treat and manage insect allergies. They also offer same-day appointments at select offices. Their dedicated staff will guide you through the proper treatment, which makes managing the insect bite allergy quick, easy, and effective. They offer allergy testing services, mixing extracts for treatments right in the office. Our patients come from all over western Pennsylvania, as well as from eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia. Call us at (724) 224-5440 or request an appointment online using our online booking tool today!



FAQs on Insect Allergies:

When Is an Allergic Reaction Most Likely to Occur?

Any outdoor activity, particularly if barefoot or sitting on the ground, increases your risk of being bitten or stung. Some examples of activities that can lead to a reaction include:

  • Beekeeping
  • Camping
  • Walking barefoot in the grass
  • Partaking in picnic activities
  • Being in close proximity to trash cans
  • Enjoying activities in orchards with fallen fruit on the ground
  • Carrying out yard work, such as trimming shrubbery
  • Painting while outdoors
  • Camping

Which Insects Are Responsible for Allergic Reactions?

Some common insects that can elicit an allergic response are:

  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Beetles
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Mayflies
  • Aphids
  • Bed bugs
  • Kissing bugs
  • Moths and caterpillars
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Caddis flies

Additionally, a few insects can cause painful stings that may or may not be an allergic trigger. They include:

  • Honey Bees
  • Bumblebees
  • Sweat bees
  • Fire ants

How is an Insect Allergy Treated?

Although topical and systemic antihistamine therapy is helpful for the primary symptom of a bite or sting (i.e. itching), prevention of bites by using anti-repellants lotion and minimizing exposure to insects is always recommended. Being aware of your surroundings and reducing outdoor activities after dusk can limit your exposure to insect based allergens.

If you have developed allergic reactions due to insect bites, or are displaying symptoms, please contact Dr. Patel’s offices or request an appointment through the online booking tool. Dr. Kumar Patel and the experienced team of care professionals at Advanced Allergy & Asthma would be happy to help patients like you in managing allergies due to insects.